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The 'Bandit Bulletin' Archive

»2006 Bandit Bulletin Archive

FA Futures/FA-2 News

12-17-2006 - All File Limits in FA Futures have been eliminated with the new access gained to all default library files in FA. This will allow FAF files to be added and default FA files to be removed, eliminating all file limits now encounted with FA Futures. The new libraries will replace all default libraries in the sim and give true stability to FA Futures as never seen before!

Visit the VNFAWING Forums by clicking here ...

FA Futures/FA-2 News

11-27-2006 - Radical_D has begun working again on his realeastic terrain height map for FAF Korea. His work will include importing true life elevations to the FAF Korea map to test out how the FA game endinge can handle true elevations. The work is difficult due to the bureaucracy at the USGS and NIMA sites. His paln is to try to give FAF Korea realism of Korean terrain to improve pilot emersion in the simuation. The import will begin testing next year with a posible eye on expanding the map from 256 x 256 to a 512 x 512 combat theater map! This would dramatically increase the theater size for FAF Korea and include large segmetns of Japan, Okinawa, China, and Russia to bettger represent all potential adversaries. Read more on the VNFAWING Forums by clicking here ...

FA Futures/FA-2 News

11-18-2006 - Final F-14A/B/D shapes and dtailed skins have been completed. The new shapes have the high resolution skins, with no panel mirroring, proper aircraft markings located on proper areas of the wings and fuselage, proper low glow night formation light panels, proper photo realeastic landing gear, and proper squadron markings on the tail fins and fuselage panels(again with no 'mirroring effects" and with the IR/camera pod added under the nose. The new shape is multiplayer compatible. Read more on the VNFAWING Forums by clicking here ...

FA Futures/FA-2 News

11-14-2006 - Over the last 10 months, Duke and I have fine tuned the ECM on the aircraft, to provide a good level of electronic protection, but not be overwhelming to SAM and Air-2-Air missiles.
The introduction of the Home On Jam (HOJ) seeker onto certain air-2-air and SAM missiles, makes the use of a jammer hazardous, at best, since both AI and human pilots can detect you if your jammer is emitting, even if your radar is not emitting, and even if you are 'beaming' the bandit, and then target you and kill you with a HOJ missile.
While an escort jammer can physically hide the other non-emmitting aircraft in his formation, from detection by a human pilot, since it physically jams the radar window, it doesnt protect the other aicraft from AI based weapons.
So ECM is a tradeoff. It truly knocks back radar detection range and it reduces effectiveness of radar guided weapons, but it also opens you up to detection from long range and from strikes by HOJ weapons (which give no missile launch warning).
Use it only when absolutely necessary!

Visit the Forums by clicking here for further details...

FA Futures/FA-2 News

11-13-2006 - Tested New CBU-97/B SFW (Sensor Fused Weapon) tonight while flying online with Duke.
The weapon is AWESOME!!! It is a 100% improvement on the previous version I built for FAF Korea 2004 Winter test library! It lays down 40 'skeets' in a string from the canister and its GREAT for hammering a convoy of vehicles! A single bomb will easily take out 12 to 15 armored vehicles, even more if they are soft skinned vehicles!
Duke and I tested this against a convoy in the mountians and we DEVASTATED the full armored convoy that was protected with maximum air-defenses!
It was an absolute blast! The sky fills with black smoke trails as the 'skeets' fire down onto their targets! The vehicles go up in fireballs, one after another! Its a superb weapon and truly realeastic, as this weapon was used to wipeout a complete Iraqi Armored Brigade at the beginning of the war! All that was left was a ton of craters from the blasts!
I think Duke might want to add to this... It truly was a thrilling experience in FAF Korea ...
Read more on the VNFAWING Forums by clicking here ...

FA Futures/FA-2 News

11-12-2006 - FA Maps, pne of the only major remaining bugs in FAF Korea 2006...

One of the remaining major obsticles to release of FAF Korea s the XP Compliance errors in the Korean Map...
This bug, so far, has still stumped me. When you add beyond a few items to the map MM file, you CTD in multiplayer... Very frustrating to say the least! I dont know why the sim is doing this. It either involves the new expanded terrain tile locations or the new placement of items (air defense items) in new off map locations. Further beta testing will be required to solve this issue. This is one of the last major bugs we have to overcome to release FAF Korea and hopefully it will be solved soon...

Read more on the VNFAWING Forums by clicking here ...

FA Futures/FA-2 News

11-10-2006 - Over the last 10 months, Kap was successful at editing all of the improved flight models to make them all XP Multiplyer compliant! This work was all confirmed by online flights between myself and DukeB-120th, flying nearly every weekend on the server kindly provided by Magnum_VF running a TS server for communications and a copy of Aguada's FA Flight Lobby (Thank you Aguada!)...
This allowed quite alot of feedback to Kap, who successsfully worked all the kinks out of his FMs to give us the best flight models on the net today! These new, and stable, FMs will be in the FAF Korea. Visit the VNFAWING Forums by clicking here ...

FA Futures/FA-2 News

07-09-2006 - A new Pilot Selection Screen has been created for FAF Korea for Single Player campaigns. The new GUI secreen is in the new 1024 x 768 resolution. View a sample screenshot of the new GUI screens by clicking the image below:

1024x768 GUI Screenshot sample

Visit the Forums by clicking here for further details...

FA Futures/FA-2 News

06-24-2006 - Additional work has been accomplished on ground vehicle weapons with a much more realeastic artillery "effect" to replicate "steel rain" during artillery bombardments. The new artillery round also has a new shape to represent the new "shell" during flight. A new GPS guided round and a new laser guided "copeprhead" round are also in development to give AI controlled ground vehicles a bigger effect in overall mission performance. This allows FA Futures to bette replicate the "real" ground war. Visit the Forums by clicking here for further details...

FA Futures/FA-2 News

05-17-2006 - Beta Testing continues on Kap's flight models to certify them for multilayer in XP. The testing is occurring offsite as the forums and website have been temporarily interrupted due to problems with the host service. This news is being added to the archies and will be added to the main page when the site returns to the net. Visit the Forums by clicking here for further details...

FA Futures/FA-2 News
04-11-2006 - Development continues on high resolution FAF skins for all the new shapes. 512 x 512 skins have been implemented and are "compressed" onto the nwe shapes to showed much improved detail and depth to the shape. The new skins have been shown to be both single player and multiplayer compliant in XP. Visit the Forums by clicking here for further details...
FA Futures/FA-2 News
03-01-2006 - So far this has not been a good year for FA Futures development. Continued errors keep cropping up in Kap's flight models when flying in multiplayer. Additional Beta Testing will be required to iron out all the problems. This will delay the release of FA Futures Korea until at least 2007. Visit the Forums by clicking here for further details...
FA Futures/FA-2 News
02-19-2006 - FA Futures development slowing... Work is continuing on FA Futures but has slowed due to unexpected errors when combining all files into full sized libraries. Ist seems there are still some mysteries about the way XP handles large files that is preventing FA Futures libraries from working together. Additional testing will be necessary to determine where the errors are located... Visit the Forums by clicking here for further details...
» Janes's FA internet resources
FA Futures/FA-2 News
01-31-2006 - New weapons development has begun for FA Futures. With the recent break though in file limits for FA it has been decided that advanced weapons such as the CBU-97 Sensor Fused Weapon (SFW) will be developed, along with improved GPS munitions, to add the player choices and in game realism. The weapons wil lhave multiple effects and be designed for use against armored vehicles in the field. The CBU-97 in particular will be a major advancement over the original version released in the 2004 Winter Test library set last year. Visit the Forums by clicking here for further details...

Falcon 4.0 News
11-19-2006 - (From Update:
We've just released a small update to 1.0.8 to correct a few little niggles. Changes include improved HUD symbology, Artificial Intelligence, Multiplayer and Stability. The patch is tagged 1.0.9 and can be obtained either by using the Update Check function in Start / Programs / Battlefield Operations folder or by downloading the patch from our downloads area. Please note that the team is aware of the issue with the new nVidia 8800 series cards and we're still looking into this.
The full changelog for 1.0.9 is listed below:
Gave player a little more time to clear the runway after landing.
Fix AI pulling up aggressively at takeoff and not flying the flyout modes anymore.
Section takeoffs reenabled.
ATC will no longer at the last second give a hold short order (because of aircraft landings) while the player is rolling onto the runway following a previous take runway instruction.
Fix an issue with Ramp Start / Idle detent not working correctly in specific cases.
Correct team names for news messages in Balkans theaters.
Fix the RWR large font bug.
Display correct AOA bracket
Correct HUD scaling in narrow resolutions (1280x1024)
Fix the "R" for Alt Radar position on HUD.
Fix for "Ace Factor" not being updated in dogfights human vs. human.
No client can change the server's Dogfight settings anymore. Furthermore, only the own and AI aircraft types can be changed now.
Fix AI bombing runways not causing hits when the host is in the UI.
Set maximum dogfight range to 75 nm.
No more sound playing while importing ACMI files.
Fix loadout view of missing fuel tank for aircraft without A2G munition (e.g. F-14A/B).
Fix CTD when joining a TE with longer callsigns.

Falcon 4.0 News
11-05-2006 - (From News Update:
Our latest update to Falcon 4.0: Allied Force is now released. v1.0.8 adds significant improvements to many areas of the simulation, particularly campaign and multiplayer. Upgrade either using the bfopsupdate.exe in the Battlefield Operations folder or download the .exe patch update from the downloads section of our website.
Many months of work have gone into this release and the developers once again extend their thanks to the beta testers for their considerable efforts. The changelog is detailed below, please also refer to the addendum manual text in your local docs\ directory after installation.
Artificial Intelligence
Improved ground avoidance for low altitude flying of AI.
Fixed AI continuing landing pattern when human lead switches from landing waypoint back to route waypoints.
AWACS comms now continue if a package-assigned FAC is shot down.
AI will use rockets more effectively on ground targets.
Made AI more responsive on Weapons Free command for A-G missions - read the Addendum manual for further information about AI handling.
Fixed issue where AI jets spawning on the runway would sometimes taxi onto the grass causing the departure queue to stall forever.
Resolved problem where sometimes AI would sometimes chase after enemy A/C with guns instead of engaging with air to air missiles after a Weapons Free command was given.
ATC gives more time for the player to leave the runway after landing.
Fixed AI taxiing onto the runway without permission because they're going too fast.
Refueling changes (also read the Addendum manual):
Inability of the tanker to refill external tanks fixed.
Large warps occasionally seen in multiplayer refueling fixed.
In realistic refueling model, the AI boom driver now applies forces to help position the thirsty aircraft.
In realistic mode, connecting to the boom now cushions the speed of the refueling aircraft.
In realistic mode, the player must now use the "Done" tanker radio command, the AI no longer does this on behalf of the player.
In simplified refueling mode where the AI is providing throttle assistance, a heavily loaded player jet would struggle to catch the tanker. This has been addressed.
Aircraft in the refueling queue will be ignored by the tanker if they fly away, land or are dead.
Subtle vertical stabilisation added as the refueling aircraft closes in on the tanker.
Avionics / Weapons
Smoke marker rockets for FAC flights won't smoke when exploding in the air anymore.
Fix a bug that caused the RWR to continue chirping when a beamriding missile was switching sensors or lost lock.
Revised ripple bombing: the impact point shown on the HUD now designates the center of the bomb string.
CCIP pipper in 2D cockpit fixed.
Display own bullseye location in the HUD when Bullseye information is turned on (ICP Misc/Bullseye page).
Fixed the 5900lbs limit sometimes imposed on refueling.
Fixes for Helmet Mounted Sighting (HMS) system - read the Addendum Manual for more information.
SAM units work more effectively now. Target selection (previous fixation on the lead aircraft) is improved.
Alignment of radar displays in A-A and A-G modes fixed.
During ramp start do not delay engine start with the need to move throttle.
Improved 2000lb effectiveness compared to 500lb (2000lb slight increase in footprint/damage). Also, two 2000lb GP or PEN bombs will now destroy runway sections.
Improved default loadouts against underground factories. More need for PEN type weapons.
Adjust drag index on center rail with ECM pod or camera.
Slight update on F-16 flight model (small leading-edge flag issue and F-16 block 40/42 weight adjusted).
Added CBU-58/52 to center bay of B-52 (27 count).
Fixed issue where F-117 would be tasked with no weapons on SEAD strikes.
Fixed issue with some aircraft not being able to be destroyed (e.g. Mi-28, C-17, C-5, E-8).
Fixed an issue where landing on an apron would destroy the aircraft (e.g. north-south airstrip).
Fixed a issue where some aircraft would load a rocket launcher with no pylon.
Raised canopy opening angle to 37 degrees for F-16s.
Flights won't takeoff from destroyed aircraft carrier anymore. Squadrons with flights that were airborne are being relocated to a land-based airbase and continue to operate from there.
Battalions planned to be stationary should do so more reliably.
Stocks of fuel tanks added to some F-14 squadrons in Balkans.
Fixed mission tasking on strike packages so escorts can be added by the ATO.
On the campaign map, air-to-ground strike missions will now abort less frequently when under attack.
Improved assigning of engineers to objectives.
Engineer units now work more effectively, while adding some dynamics to repair times.
Improved squadron relocation among allied teams.
Fixed squadron relocation under some conditions.
Fixed Balkans Powderkeg reporting stalemate without ending the campaign.
Some other campaign triggers and report strings updated.
JSTARS added to all Korean campaigns.
Fixed some objective settings for Balkans campaigns.
Fixed a couple of units in Korea Rolling Fire that were wrong type for team.
Balkans PAKs adjusted.
Names for batallions, brigades and naval units updated.
2005/2010 campaigns now have different reinforcement schedules to standard-timeframe campaigns.
Adjusted some balancing for 2005/2010 campaigns.
Addressed rare instances of the player aircraft colliding with another aircraft when the player moves from 2D to 3D when joining the flight already in the air. Cockpit
Fixed wrong TACAN channels on cockpit maps.
Glance forward in 3D cockpit will now cover the whole RWR.
Adjust 2D cockpit light level for NVG mode.
Outside labels are no longer showing in front of the 3D cockpit.
Floating buildings fixed.
Give CBU-103/105 proper model/textures.
Fixed self-illuminating light sources (like airbases) being darkened by cloud shadows.
Outside labels are now translucent and fade with distance.
Support for Hyperlobby added. The bandwidth is now set in the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT screen for Hyperlobby users.
Commanding AI planes to turn on/off radar won't be automatically performed for human wingmen anymore.
Fixed the black object textures for hosts re-entering the 3D world.
Fix floating aircraft on the ground when several clients are connected.
A few more fixes to the debrief.txt: show the correct aircraft type and list flight members in correct pilot slot order.
All players can now hear ATC's Resume Own Navigation radio calls during climb-out.
Fix wrong ATC voices being assigned to airbases.
Sound loops fixed.
User Interface
Allow assigning victory conditions on naval units by right clicking on a unit on the TE map editor.
ACMI data processing progress now displayed on mission exit screen.
Fix for dropped airmobile units not being controllable.
Sometimes music would play at full volume returning to the UI after a multiplayer game, even when music volume was set to zero. This should now be fixed.
Improved listing of rocket kills for mission debrief.
Several more CTD fixes.
New command line option "-print2file" will print briefing to Briefing.txt file instead of sending it to default printer.
TrackIR can be initialized within 3d simulation in case you forget to start it before starting Falcon. Just ALT-TAB to Desktop, load TrackIR software, get back to Falcon and press ALT-C + T.
Correctly load pilot/patch pictures in Targa (.TGA) format.

To visit the Lead Pursuit Website to read further, Click here .

Falcon 4.0 News
06-05-2006 - (From Update:
We're pleased to announce the release of Patch 1.0.7 for Falcon 4.0: Allied Force. Development has primarily focused on MP with considerable improvements to the "Host Only" server function and positional updates. Please update using either the bfopsupdate.exe utility in the Battlefield Operations folder, or download the patch from the downloads section of this website.
Again, 1.0.7 is a cumulative patch containing all the improvements of previous updates. It can be installed on top of a CD version of Allied Force, or any previously patched version of the simulation.
An extra point about the bfopsupdater: If your current installation is not 1.0.6, you'll need to update once, then reboot, then update again using the bfopsupdater. That will take you to 1.0.7.
Remember, if you have HiTiles installed, please restore the original terrain using the HiTilesAF_AlliedForce.exe, patch to 1.0.7, then restore HiTiles after patching.
Changelog is contained below:
Version 1.07
Fix for not being able to cycle through radarmodes with a target locked.
Fix a bug where the radar would not be radiating in certain instances when going from MRM ACM modes back to default modes.
Fix a bug where the radar can get confused about the modes and display a blank MFD.
F1 key now works properly again -> when in ACM modes, it takes us out to CRM modes. If ACM modes are to be cycled, F11 can be used.
Fix for removed range information from MRM HUD with a locked target.
Fix for dedicated server crashing after about 20 minutes of play.
Fix for empty debrief text files after MP missions.
Fix for Rules of Engagement "Comply" button not enforcing "Unlimited Ammo" setting.
"Unlimited Ammo" is not selectable anymore in Setup when not allowed by the host.
Improved multiplayer positioning and smoothing.
Fix for clients sometimes unable to join a dogfight game.
Added cursor to Logitech G15 DED display.
Enabled simplified avionics DED to be displayed on G15 display.
A few more fixes added.
Click here to visit the Lead Pursuit Website to obtain the patch.

Falcon 4.0 News
05-22-2006 - (From Update:
A brief update on the progress of our forthcoming update, 1.0.7. This primarily focuses on multi-player and in particular addresses a few issues affecting the server function and dogfight module. Testing multi-player is, by its very nature, most time consuming. But the team has made significant progress. We are keen to release 1.0.7 as quickly as practicable, although there is no date for delivery yet. But as an indication, it will be in a fraction of the timescale for the development of 1.0.6. ... To visit the Lead Pursuit Website to read further, Click here .

Falcon 4.0 News
05-02-2006 - (From News Update:
Our most comprehensive update yet for Allied Force, 1.0.6, is finished and released. Please update using either the bfopsupdate.exe utility in the Battlefield Operations folder or download the "exe" update from the downloads section of our website. The patch -- weighing in at 38MB -- is cumulative, so you do not need to download previous patches. It will install on top of a "vanilla" CD install, or any previously patched version of Allied Force. You will need to uninstall Dr Stop's pit and Tom Waetli's HiTiles before running the update -- then reinstall the pits and terrain. A special thanks to our beta testing team whose input was invaluable. The changelog is detailed below.

Version 1.06 (Patch 5)
Fixed a bug that sometimes caused On-call CAS AI flights to attack targets before attempting to check in with FAC.
On-call CAS flights now request targets from the FAC after two minutes instead of four if unassigned.
Fixed TARCAP flights continuing to press on aircraft like An-124 even after it has been identified.
AI now able to use afterburner power for a short time after Rejoin command is received.
Mid-air refuelling rewritten. Tanker now maintains correct speed and altitude.
Many changes to AI refuelling and multiplayer-specific code.

Fixed HSD showing wingmen in Dogfight after they have been destroyed.
Fixed static ground vehicles not showing up in GM radar mode.
ALOW and MSLFloor warnings are now played whether the HUD is visible on screen or not.
Fixed TGP going into POINT lock immediately upon first designation.
Fixed Com1 and Com2 Volume knobs to work again.
Fixed TACAN station bearing indicator on HSI to not display bearing if the station can not be received.
Fixed PL-5E seeker range to be shorter.
Fixed bug where contacting an airbase other then the landing one was impossible in certain situations.
Various fixes/improvements to A-A Weapon handling:
Each Mastermode remembers which weapon type has been selected (AIM-9M/P etc) and will set the weapon again when the mode is reselected at a later point.
All A-A Radarmodes are available from all A-A Mastermodes. Dogfight Override mode, for example, can have RWS as selected radar mode, and Missile Override can use the ACM modes.
Each Mastermode remembers its gun submode.
AIM-9M and AIM-9X can be switched properly if in the same loadout.
The Mastermodes will no longer have the radar turned on when selecting another weapon by either the Enter key or the OSB buttons. The radar only starts emitting when a mode is selected.
Fixed gun rounds counter sometimes showing zero when there were still bullets left.
Fixed bug where a target could not be locked to STT mode in TWS mode when the azimuth scan was set to something other then 60 degrees.
Fixed bug where stealthy vehicles like F-117A were not even lockable using IR sensors even at closest ranges. Frame-rate improvement to HSD display.
Fix bug where designating/undesignating with the HSD as SOI and the cursor over a pre-planned threat did not toggle it's range-ring.
Fix the new CBU burst altitude value not being shown in the MFD when pressing the decrement burst altitude keystroke. When changing target in simplified radar, set padlock target to the new target.

Fixed all 05/23 airbase tower voice calls to wrong runway.
Added many more "Vehicle position points" and "ship points" to airbases, ports, army-base, HARTs etc.
Fixed position of building at Wonsan airbase type.
Added R-77M and AGM-65E/K missile types.
Updated radar data for few aircraft and seekers (F/A-18, F-22, R-77).
Fixed missing bridge feature on one bridge objective type.
Lowered Kirov ship damage amounts.
Updated some 2D weapon ranges.
Vehicles (ground, aircraft and ships) will fire closer to real-life ranges in 2D now.
Adjusted weapons positioning on Tornado fuselage racks.
Added Brimstone and rack back to Typhoon in 2005 and 2010 theaters.
Fixed rocket pylons so they now show in loadout and in game under wings.
Changed CBU-97 hardpoint count to be the same as CBU-87. (Standard loadout 4xCBU and two fuel tanks).
Updated AWACS screen icon symbols for more objects to be shown.
Removed CAS roles from UH-60L.
Updated SA-3 so it will now fire more than one missile in the air per volley. Also adjustments to range being too short and loft angle too high .
Allow night missions for AH-1, C-130 and few other airlift aircraft.
Adjusted JSTAR patrol waypoints so they have approximately up to 50nm of ground coverage of enemy side.
Objective feature value lists prioritized better.
Removed FA-37 from TE list as it was a testbed only.
Lower large ammo dump damage value for high-explosive types so two 2000lb bombs can destroy it.

Updated stores for some squadrons in campaigns.
Some ROK infantry changed to correct unit type in Korean campaign.
EF/A-18G added to all 2010 campaigns.
Mission times tasked according to threat/range (fewer deep strikes in first hours of campaign that just abort).
Changing the takeoff waypoint time sometimes resulted in the flight not getting pilots assigned. Fixed for single and multiplayer.
In Tactical Engagement, naval units can now be set as victory conditions and in Campaign they can be a target now for self-created missions.
Saving a Tactical Engagement file now resets the "TE won" situation so new successive missions and victory conditions can be added as an ongoing "mini-campaign".
Prevent AWACS from setting up waypoints that lead them flying too close to the FLOT.

Fixed RWR position in all three 2D 1600x1200 resolution cockpits in wide-view, one click down.
Speed up of drawing 2D cockpit views without visable outside view.
Improved instruments in padlock situational awareness bar.
Adjusted RWR position in all 3D cockpit views.
Support for all available resolutions and aspects greater than 800x600. Since 2D cockpit is of 4:3 aspect ratio, on wide screens there will be black bars on the sides. All pure 3D views and outside views are full screen.
Fixed fontsize of HUD and DED data in wideview in 1024x768 res 2D cockpit of the MLU.
Increased down-tilt limit in 3D cockpit so we can see the whole MFD when looking closer.

Added the ability for emergency braking. In case the Hydraulic B system fails (flameout or damage), the pilot can still use his brakes for 15 seconds to stop the Jet on the runway.
If the plane has blown up with a comms window on the screen, ESC will still work to close the window so the simulation can be exited.
If Joystick button 0 or 1 is pushed, but no function is assigned to them, do not fire the gun/ pickle weapons.
Retain controllability of ACMI on/off even when shot down for documentation purposes. Now, ACMI is not turned off automatically when the plane gets destroyed.
Fixed bug where a newly created .key file could not be loaded properly without exiting and re-entering the sim.
Help with frame rates at airbases.
Elimination of general graphic jitter (eg when refuelling, taxiing or viewing from tower cam).
Reduced on-ground aircraft pitch during braking.
Complex aircraft code now supports models containing rotatable wheels and swing-wing DOF's.
In Dogfight mode, colored padlock boxes are back in Realistic padlock setting.
Fixed shared memory electrical fault bit when on ground and shutting power off.
Moved labels up so they don't obscure objects.
Dynamically scale label offset based on object radius and distance.
Don't show opposite (wrong) tanker lights when in extreme relative position to tanker.

Added power detection for notebooks that warns when battery is low both in 3D and the User Interface.
Added support for DED display on Logitech G15 keyboard LCD.
Fix for missing cursor, buttons and lights issues on nVidia graphics devices at resolutions greater than 1024x768 and FSAA enabled.

Fixed texture on flaps of F/A-18D.
Added texture to F/A-18E.
Adjust LOD of the building "Hotel" at some airbases so it does not "pop up" visually.
Fixed many buildings with missing parts (walls, roof, etc).
Fixed texture issue on Wonsan airbase type, center runway.
Fixed many fuel tanks not shown textured (they are used on J-22, F-5E/A, Su-7BK, Su-39, MiG-23, Su-24, Su-25, AMX, Typhoon).
Fixed AMX texture issues on nose.
Added Challenger tank texture green and desert cammoes.
Most F16's and some other aircraft models edited for wheel rotation.
Some aircraft models edited to rotate engine fan blades.
Added texture to F-22A made by Dave "The Shova" Vogel submitted through TPAA.

Fixed IR weapons losing lock on ground vehicles when being fired at distances greater 8nm and moving away from target, especially in Multiplayer.
Fuel dump is disabled for online dogfights.
When "No Player Voice" is turned on in the Sound Setup user interface, Flight comms of other human pilots, for example to AWACS, are still audible.
Master Arm switch now defaults to SAFE when a player enters an aircraft on the server (previously it would be SAFE on clients, and ARM on server).
Aircraft canopy open/close state now correctly shown in a multiplayer environment.
Make sure the location of the bullseye is the same for all connected sessions.
ACMI's now record and play back orientation of non-local missiles correctly.
Connection state fix.
Clients are now able to order flights to RTB.
Fixed several issues where deleting flights or a package through the ATO list was not correctly working in Multiplayer.
Packages containing a flight with a remote human player can not be deleted anymore.

Fix specific sounds sometimes not being played, like missile launch sound.
De-hissed some sounds.
New in-cockpit engine sound.

CTD Fixes including dogfight module and dedicated server stability increased.

Added a "Clear" button to the key assignment dialog.
Fixed a bug where only pressing a DirectX Joystick button would clear the keystroke assigned to a function.
A keystroke and joystick button press at the same time in key assignment dialog are now properly saved.
Fixed some abbreviation mistakes.
Fixed E-2 ATO icon so that it is centered.
Added cockpit switcher to Graphics setup menu.
Changed color of user interface bullseye view to make it better visible.
Fixed misaligned Briefing print-out.
Now sorting some more list-boxes alphabetically.
Resizing of splash screens to fit full screen.
When joining a flight using the UI map popup menu "Join Flight" option, the Munitions screen is now correctly showing the new flight's loadout.
Removed 'Keep' button from MP UI Connection screen.
Added Mipmapping option in Graphics Setup section for terrain and 3D models, to reduce shimmering.
Some updated to Tacref.

Click here to download the patch.

Falcon 4.0 News
02-06-2006 - (From Lead-Pursuit)News Update: February 6th, 2006 Lead Pursuit LLC is pleased to announce another official add-on for Falcon 4.0: Allied Force. brings additional F-16 cockpits and pilot add-ons to the award-winning F-16 combat flight simulator.
Produced under license by Scott Purdy, Stopworks offers additional Block 40 and Block 50 cockpits for use over the hi-tech battlefield. The cockpits - entirely constructed of textured and detailed 3D models - merge seamlessly with the surrounding Falcon world, and offer additional side-panel views, exceptionally smooth and shadowed button animations, warning flags, a full-color HSI, realistic tall-sidestick and ramp start functionality. The cockpits can be used in concert with combat edge-equipped pilots, or other pilot add-ons emblazoned with your favorite real or virtual squadron.
Joel Bierling, Executive Producer, Lead Pursuit LLC, said: "The "office" environment for the combat pilot is a particularly important aspect of any simulation. These new cockpits from Stopworks give a highly innovative feel to the experience of flying an F-16 aircraft, complementing the acclaimed pits in Allied Force. We know many Allied Force pilots will be delighted with this new collaboration following the success of Tom Waelti's HiTilesAF terrain enhancement release."
Scott "Dr. Stop" Purdy said: "The new partnership is a great moment for fans of the Falcon series, where they can now officially take to the skies in a unique series of cockpits. Fans of Stopworks cockpits and pilots will be thrilled to know that Lead Pursuit has their interests at heart, and that the Stopworks products will be compatible with the current and future versions of Falcon 4.0: Allied Force."
The cockpit and pilot add-ons can be purchased now from where one can also find further information, screenshots, and a FAQ ... Click here to read further.

Falcon 4.0 News
01-15-2006 - (From Lead-Pursuit)News Update: Version 1.0.5 for Falcon 4.0: Allied Force is now "live". Please use the auto updater facility in the Battlefield Operations folder to upgrade to 1.0.5, or download the executable from the downloads area of this site (it's available in both .exe and .zip formats). The download size is around 25MB.
1.0.5 is a "cumulative" patch, therefore it contains all of the features and improvements of previous patches. It can be installed on top of either the CD "vanilla" install, or over v1.0.2 through to v1.0.4. If you have HiTilesAF installed, please use the HiTilesAF_AlliedForce.exe to restore the original terrain, before installing 1.0.5 update. Thanks to our team of betatesters for their hard work examining the product update. The changelog for 1.0.5 is below:
Avionics / Weapons:
Fix for Missile and Threat Volume knobs resetting
Fix Maverick CAT Config bug
Fix inconsistent HUD symbology for weapons
Fix for CTD on maverick zoom with no mavericks loaded
Fix for "ghost missile" on wing when firing final missile (possibly reason for buildings loaded on Hard points, and some CTDs)
Fix Centerline Tank to be CAT_I config
Fix for Mig-23 icon showing as Mig-21 icon
Fix for Mig-29SM, Mig-21-93 and SU-33 turning into Mig-21
Adjustments on Combat Air Patrol (CAP) roles so that Mig-21 aircraft get fewer CAP missions compared to stronger Mig-29
2D cockpit datfile 1024 block 40, adjacent panel # in HUD only view fixed
2D cockpit datfile 1024 MLU, adjacent panel # in HUD only view fixed
General Gameplay:
Force Feedback re-enabled
CTD on eject bug fixed for remaining issue in certain circumstances
CTD fix for airtasking messages
Fix to stop ACMI recording whenever any AI pilot ejected from the plane
Fix issue where logbook for Viper callsign was being overwritten after patching
Fix issue where the AS-30L flame model showed as a SU27
Numerous improvements

Visit the downloads page by clicking clicking here to read further.
Falcon 4.0 News
01-11-2006 - (From Lead-Pursuit)News Update:
More and more games are now turning to dual core technology to give an extra boost to performance. As many of you will know, Falcon 4.0: Allied Force was optimized for dual core processors from Day One. SimHQ has been benchmarking Allied Force with dual core CPUs for some time and they've just published their latest feature. It examines the AMD FX-60, the company's new top end CPU and the first in the FX line equipped with two cores. There are interesting comparisons with other simulations and CPUs on the market. For the full details, head over here .

» Falcon 4.0 internet resources
Falcon 4.0 News
01-09-2006 - (From Lead-Pursuit)News Update:
A service update on our forthcoming patch, 1.0.5. We're pushing ahead well, addressing a few nagging installation problems some users were experiencing with 1.0.4. The patch is still in testing and no date confirmed for delivery, but progress in the last week is very encouraging. 1.0.5 will also correct other gameplay issues.
Realism is the theme in reviews of Allied Force -- this time in publications from aerospace organisations. Aerospace Professional, published by the prestigious Royal Aeronautical Society, says: "Lead Pursuit have taken Falcon and radically improved it where it counts. The avionics, up-front control panel, engine start-up sequence and especially the radar are the most realistic outside of an F-16 procedure trainer." Elsewhere, Everything Aerospace says: "The best [combat] sim to get is Falcon 4.0: Allied Force, a superlative F-16 simulator ... the most realistic unclassified software on the market."
The community of Allied Force enthusiasts continues to show great passion. For those unsure how to start up the F-16 in Allied Force from cold, an excellent six-page guide from "Brent" is available. The .pdf can be found here in the downloads section of our website. And a new dogfighting competition has been unveiled. It'll start with a tournament this month to determine initial ratings before the ladder is established. Details here . If you prefer a little less intensive online experience, visit here for details of "Multivipers" server and here for "Hardcores" campaign server.

Lomac Flaming Cliffs News

12-04-2006 - (From SimHQ)New F-15 Model @Lockonfiles. The new F-15C model has been offficially released at The beta of this shape was originally released on 11-13-2006 but contained some bugs and was not yet up to full release standards. The new model has removed these bugs and is fully ready for simualtion use. It now includes an installer with an updater also included..

Click here to obtain the files and click here to read more.

Lomac Flaming Cliffs News

10-25-2006 - (From SimHQ)Weapons Pack v.2 released and updated to v.2.1. The weapons pack has been released, and updlated to 2.1 to include the AIM-9M missile, and other improvements. You can get the weapons pack at the LO Models Page on

Click here to obtain the files and click here to read more.

Lomac Flaming Cliffs News

02-21-2006 - (From SimHQ)Hi everyone, I am proud to announce that the Lock On: Flaming Cliffs Manual is now available at! Just follow this link at the bottom of this message.

This manual covers the different weapons systems and avionics of the aircraft found in Lock On Modern Air Combat and Lock On: Flaiming cliffs. This is the .pdf manual that is included on the CD, but has been printed and is spiral bound so it lays flat when open. If you like study-sims than this will give you hours of great enjoyment. Enjoy!

Here are some example pages. I'm not sure what kind of paper it is printed on only that is appears to be about 80 lb semi-glossy finish. Please excuse my poor photography. I took them in a hurry. As you can see it covers all the different aspects of the sim. Its just nice having it right in front of you instead of on a screen. It is 260 pages.

Visit by clicking clicking here to obtain the manual.

Lomac Flaming Cliffs News

02-20-2006 - (From SimHQ) Patch 1.12a is available for download. This patch corrects bugs in ground vehicles using ground to ground and air to ground missiles to shoot down aircraft. Corrects “Ghost” spikes and nails on RWR SPO-15 and TEWS bug fixed. And adds new features...

Click here to read more.
Lomac Flaming Cliffs News

02-19-2006 - (From SimHQ) For those outside the US you can also grab the manual at Simware who ship all over the Europe and most other parts of the world which they have listed here . To visit the SimHQ Forum to read more click here ..
Lomac Flaming Cliffs News

01-28-2006 - (From SimHQ) Patch version 1.12 for "LockOn 1.1: Flaming Cliffs" simulator
This patch must be installed over the original release of LockOn 1.1: Flaming Cliffs. Patch version 1.12 includes fixes of various bugs found in the previous version of the game, as well as numerous improvements to it, such as:
* advanced model of guidance limitations for Air to Air Missiles with precise tuning,
* new multiplayer code with increased game stability,
* numerous avionics fixes and improvements,
* new input features,
* new 3D models of numerous munitions *,
* new, more advanced models of AWACS and EWR operations *,
* compatibility with the Win64 Operating System *,
* optional once-a-week disk check for the CD version *.

The full list of added features and corrections implemented in patch version 1.12
Patch version 1.12 also includes previously released patches and fixes: patch version 1.11 (marked with *), Ground Units LODs Fix (GU_LODs) ...
This patch must be installed over the original release of LockOn 1.1: ! ...
Click here to obtain the patch.

» Lockon Lomac internet resources

Strike Fighters Project 1 News

10-02-2006 - (From Thirdwire) We're looking for a few good Beta Testers! We're getting ready to start Beta Testing our next game, and we're currently looking to expand Beta Testing team. If you’re interested, please click below.
We've also added Hunter and Harrier Skin Templates for Wings Over Europe.

You can signup to be a beta tester by clicking here ...

Strike Fighters Project 1 News

09-19-2006 - (From Thirdwire) We're very excited to announce that Wings Over Europe is now available in Europe! For more details on its availability in your region, please check with the distributor, Empire Interactive.
We're also releasing new set of Patches for our games to bring them all up to the same standard! These patches are cumulative since the last Service Pack, and these can be applied to any version since the Service Pack.

Wings Over Europe Patch (v08.30.06)
This patch brings the game up to the latest version. This patch is a cumulative patch, and it contains all the fixes from previous patches. Please read the Readme.txt for more details.
After upgrading with this Patch, the game will require at least the April 2006 version of DirectX to run correctly.
If you're receiving "missing d3dx9_30.dll" error, this means your DirectX 9.0c is not up to date. (Aug 2007 is the most current version)
To download and install the latest DirectX, please visit Microsoft website at
DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer (only download and install needed files)
Alternatively, you can download full DirectX End-User Runtimes (58.8 MB) to upgrade computer without internet connection during installation.

You can obtain the patch by clicking here ...

Strike Fighters Project 1 News

08-30-2006 - (From Thirdwire) We've added Tools and Utilities and Wings Over Europe Skin Template sections to our webpage! We're also in process of re-organizing our forums somewhat, adding Modders Corner forum to discuss anything mod related.

You can read more by clicking here .

Strike Fighters Project 1 News

08-21-2006 - (From Thirdwire)Manuals for our games are now available online on our Downloads Page. We have plans to further expand our download section to include Add-ons, Skin Templates, Tools and Utilities sections, so check back here often! ;)

You can get the manual file by clicking here ...

Strike Fighters Project 1 News

07-14-2006 - (From Thirdwire) Just a quick HotFix to address a minor issue with the last patch for Wings Over Europe, it fixes the problem with Instant Action starting without any gun ammo.

Wings Over Europe HotFix
This fixes the problem with Instant Action starting without any gun ammo after the patch.

You can obtain the patch by clicking here

Strike Fighters Project 1 News

07-11-2006 - (From Thirdwire) We hope everyone is having a great summer! We're releasing new set of Patches for our games! This set replaces the last one, and can be applied over the last patch or over the Service Pack.

Wings Over Europe Patch (v07.10.06)
This patch brings the game up to the latest version. It contains all the fixes from previous patch, and it can be applied to any version of Wings Over Europe. Please read the Readme.txt for more details.
You can obtain the patch by clicking here

After upgrading with this Patch, the game will require at least the April 2006 version of DirectX to run correctly. To download and install the latest DirectX, please visit Microsoft website to obtain the Web-based DirectX installer or Full DirectX installer download (52.3 MB).

We've also updated our website and added Community page with links to forums and other websites. Drop us an e-mail if you know of any other cool sites to add to the page! ...

Wings Over Vietnam News

05-26-2006 - (From - We're releasing another set of Patches for our games (including Wings Over Europe), these fix some minor issues introduced by the last service packs.
Patches Get the latest updates, patches, and service packs below:

Wings Over Europe (updated May 26, 2006)
Patch v05.25.06
Patch v05.25.06 fixes some minor issues introduced by the last Service Pack. Please read the Readme.txt for more details.
Note: This Patch should be applied to the initial release version of Wings Over Europe.

You can obtain the patch by clicking here .

Wings Over Vietnam (updated May 26, 2006)
Wings Over Vietnam Patches
Patch v05.25.06
Patch v05.25.06 fixes some minor issues introduced by the last Service Pack. Please read the Readme.txt for more details.
Note: This Patch must be applied to v05.15.06 version of Wings Over Vietnam.

You can obtain the patch by clicking here .

Strike Fighters Gold (updated May 26, 2006)
Patch v05.25.06
Patch v05.25.06 fixes some minor issues introduced by the last Service Pack. Please read the Readme.txt for more details.
Note: This Patch must be applied to v05.15.06 version of Strike Fighters Gold.

You can obtain the patch by clicking here .

Strike Fighters Project 1 (updated May 26, 2006)
Patch v05.25.06
Patch v05.25.06 fixes some minor issues introduced by the last Service Pack. Please read the Readme.txt for more details.
Note: This Patch must be applied to v05.15.06 version of Strike Fighters Project 1.

You can obtain the patch by clicking here .

Strike Fighters News

05-16-2006 - (From Thirdwire) We're releasing a new set of Service Packs for our games! These service packs include many new and exciting features, fixes, and improvements... You can obtain the service packs by clicking here . And you can visit the thirdwire site by clicking here ...

Strike Fighters News

04-25-2006 - (From We're excited to announce that Wings Over Europe: Cold War Gone Hot, next in our line of jet combat games, has officially gone Gold! Look for it at your favorite retail stores in few weeks!
From the Thirdwire Production Page:
'Wings Over Europe: Cold War Gone Hot'
Turns Up The Heat On Your PC!
Wings Over Europe: Cold War Gone Hot is an air-combat game that delivers the excitement of a visceral, seat-of-your-pants dogfight experience -- flying in some of the most legenday jet fighters in history!
Flyable aircraft include the: F-100 Super Sabre, F-105 Thunderchief, F-4 Phantom II, F-15 Eagle, A-10 Thunderbolt II, British Hunter, and the exciting vertical take-off and landing of the Harrier "jump jet."
Engage in blood-draining, G-pulling, action-packed dogfights against 13 different types of Cold War Soviet aircraft.
Fly era-specific aircraft through Central Europe in three epic campaigns.
From the developers of the highly successful European Air War, Strike Fighters: Project 1, and Wings Over Vietnam.
Random mission generator provides maximum flexibility and replayability. Campaign missions also have a different outcome each time.
Open architecture for mod support. Download thousands of user-created skins, aircraft, terrain, missions, campaigns, and editors already available on the Internet.
Next generation environmental effects including volumetric clouds and state-of-the-art dynamic lighting.
Highly-accurate planes, weapons, flight models, and challenging enemy AI.
Win decorations, awards, and promotions with each successful mission.
Pilot any of the 12 legendary Cold War fighters!
You can Click here to read further...

» Strike Fighter 1 internet resources

TSH JF-18 News

10-18-2006 - (From Team Super Hornet) Subject: Attention mission builders: please do not use Mk-65 naval mine:
In the future TSH will be releasing weapons modifications which remove the Mk-65 QUICKSTRIKE naval mine from the Jane's F-18 inventory. This weapon slot will be replaced with an alternative weapon.
TSH asks that all future missions be designed using Mk-60 CAPTOR mines only. Work is underway to modify existing missions that use MK-65 mines; new versions of these missions will be released that use only MK-60 mines.

Thank you...

TSH JF-18 News

08-18-2006 - (From Team Super Hornet) Subject: IMPORTANT TSH ANNOUNCEMENT
Since the formation of Team Superhornet, Jane's F-18 modders have pursued access to the original source code (property of Electronic Arts). Although there were at times high hopes of getting this code, 6 years later we still have not received anything from EA. While TSH would welcome dialogue with EA, none has been forthcoming so far.
But there is still hope for Jane's F-18 modding. When WarfareFix was released in 2004, JF-18 pilots saw the first efforts of direct modification of the JF-18 assembly code. What TSH members learned in this process allowed development to proceed with TSHv3. The recently released TSHv3 includes over 5,000 lines of modified code, all of it accomplished through the manipulation of the dissasembled code.
While there will always be things that are impossible to accomplish without source code access, there is much that can be done given the current contraints. For years TSH had fielded requests to change the flight model of the F-18E, and to add flight models for the F-14 and A-10, and even the F-15E. The answer to these requests has always been that it cannot be done without the source code. Today TSH announces that this response has been intentionally misleading, for obvious reasons. The means to alter the Jane's F-18 flight model exists, and it involves assembly code modification.
If you are familiar with assembly code, TSH needs your help. It is not a simple process, but the potential payoff is large. In addition to new flight models, assembly code modification could potentially lead to other improvements; every time TSH learns more about the code we get new ideas about what might be done to it.
If you feel you can help TSH in any way (even if you don't have assembly knowledge, but especially if you do), then please contact a TSH member here or at the TSH forums. TSH development is continuing and many exciting things are planned for future releases.

TSH JF-18 News

04-25-2006 - (From Team Super Hornet) Subject: UPDATE 4-25-06: The TSHv3.03 patch is now available. This adds additional bugfixes for HARM symbology when big HUD fonts are enabled, as well as the TrackIR recenter command. In addition, selection of BelowNormal priority has been added. Please note that the priority is fixed at Normal if a compatibility mode is used. If you are using a compatibility mode and want to change priority from Normal, you must do it manually using the Task Manager. This is a cumulative patch which updates TSHv3.0, TSHv3.01, or TSHv3.02 to TSHv3.03. If you have downloaded and installed TSHv3.03 you do not need this patch.

Click here to obtain the patch...

TSH JF-18 News

03-30-2006 - (From Team Super Hornet) Subject: UPDATE 3-30-06: The TSHv3.02 patch is now available. This adds additional bugfixes for big HUD fonts when Master-Mode-specific keymappings are enabled simultaneously with big HUD fonts, as well as corrects the bug where master modes switch rapidly if Master-Mode-specific keymappings are enabled. This is a cumulative patch which updates TSHv3.0 or TSHv3.01 to TSHv3.02. If you have downloaded and installed TSHv3.02 you do not need this patch.

Click here to obtain the patch...
TSH JF-18 News
03-23-2006 - (From Team Super Hornet) Subject: UPDATE 3-23-06: TSHv3 has a bug where the new intro movie will cause Jane's F/A-18 to crash to desktop if the movie is enabled and the sim is started in Warfare Mode. This bug has been fixed in TSHv3.01.

Click here to obtain the patch...

TSH JF-18 News

03-18-2006 - (From Team Super Hornet) Subject: Team Superhornet is proud to announce the release of TSHv3. Please click on thelinks below to view the TSHv3 Manual, which contains important information regarding TSHv3 (including download links).

To obtain the TSHv3 Manual click here ...

If you are installing TSHv3 over an existing JF-18 installation, the TSHv3 manual contains instructions. If you are installing TSHv3 as part of a fresh install, please follow instructions in the TSH Add-on Installation Guide.
While TSHv3 includes many new features for Jane's F/A-18, it also changes the way a few of the old ones work (such as switchable cockpits, higher resolutions, wideview, etc.). The reason for this is to include all existing TSH features in one common install (i.e no more executable split between various resolutions and wideview options). This common install and executable allows a TSHv3-modified version of Jane's F/A-18 to become the new standard on which futher TSH development work will be based.

The TSH Add-on Installation Guide can be obtained by clicking here .

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. TSHv3 is complicated and TSH hopes that every can learn to use the features as easily as possible that they desire. Enjoy!

» JF/A-18 internet resources

TSH JF-18 News

02-18-2006 - (From Team Super Hornet) Subject: TSHv3 PREVIEW
TSH is getting close to the release of TSHv3, so we'd thought we give the Jane's F/A-18 community a preview of what you can expect in the upcoming release.

TSHv3 Feature List
Bigger HUD fonts, improving legibility at higher resolutions while maintaining the size of MDI text.
Keymappings for all UFC touchscreen controls, such as the scratchpad, TACAN selection, RALT adjust, AP control, etc.
Keymappings for all other cockpit controls that currently can only be clicked, such as RDR/BARO altitude, Jettison Select stations, Bingo settings, etc.
NAVFLIR capability when only an ATFLIR is carried, as on the real Superhornet.
Support for a second controller's analogue axes.
Support for a second controller's DirectX button inputs.
Support for a third controller’s analogue axes.
A toggle for joystick sensitivity settings, useful for less sensitive settings during refueling or landing and more sensitive settings during combat.
Analogue axis control of TDC movement, radar antenna elevation, FLIR contrast, and FLIR brightness.
Master-Mode-specific keymappings.
Custom movies that can be inserted into user-created campaigns.
Ability to link a mission file with a specific terrain texture.
Normal/high executable operating system priority control for compatibility with other applications.
Customizable mouse cursor hiding (the mouse cursor can be confusing when using enhanced TrackIR).
Selection of a wide range of resolutions instead of the limited choice of three that currently exists.
A requirement to press SHIFT+ESC to end a multiplayer misson, regardless of the F18misc.ini entry.
TrackIR Enhanced functionality; this was present in the Ultimate Patch and is retained in TSHv3.
TSHv3 Bugfix List
Movies no longer skip in Windows XP.
The radar antenna's lower limit is constrained (previously elevation could be decreased infinitely).
The SA-13/SA-15 small/large site inversion in the mission builder menu is corrected. This fix was present in WarfareFix, but TSHv3 introduces it to Normal Mode gameplay.

Using TSHv3
As you can see, TSHv3 does quite a few things. It adds some functionality that is present in newer sims (multiple controller support, extended analogue axis controls, mode-specific keymappings, many resolution choices), keymaps the entire cockpit, and allows for custom movies, etc. Some TSHv3 features are fixed and activated automatically when TSHv3 is installed; this includes such things as new cockpit keymappings, NAVFLIR-in-ATFLIR, etc. Other features are user-controllable through the TSHv3 Manager...
Click here to read further...

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