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The truth about what is wrong in the US...

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Post subject: The truth about what is wrong in the US... Reply with quote
Quoted from an online poster at Yahoo...

I have been around now for nearly 70 years. Been around the block a couple of times. If listening to someone with a few more years of life experience means anything to anyone, let me just say this...listen or ignore, it really doesn't matter to me....young people, you have no clue what the long term consequences of your action or inaction will result in simply because you haven't lived long enough to find think you know what you need to are wrong. What you see in Washington is just a reflection of what we, as a people have become. Just look at the ridiculous rhetoric, name calling and finger pointing you see here and then look at Washington....NO DIFFERENCE. The result is the same...nothing of any good consequence and complete gridlock. You want to know why we are in a gridlock that is causing the slow and painful death of a great Nation? You want to know who is really to blame? We are. You are. This budget mess did not happen overnight. It took DECADES to get to this point. We let it happen. We are the ones who put corrupt, unqualified, self-serving idiots in office over and over. We are the ones who let the media dictate your vote instead of taking the time to actually do complete factual research on candidates and vote on past actions, character, integrity, connections to special interests, etc..instead it comes down to personality, appearance, celebrity endorsement, etc...all shallow and meaningless reasons for a vote. Both parties have become groups of the most corrupt politicians in our Nation's history. They both work for the world's mega-corporations and banks, NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Stop listening to the media. Open your eyes. Look at the favors, tax loopholes, bailouts, subsidies and other perks these organizations get at taxpayer expense and who gets appointed to hold government jobs from those entities... Look at the use of our Military to protect their interests at our expense and cost of American lives in the name of "terrorist hunting" and then justify why you could ever cast a new vote for ANY INCUMBENT IN OFFICE FROM ANY POLITICAL PARTY TODAY while they continue to tell the American taxpayers that they are going to have to make more and more painful sacrifices while they (the Politicians in office TODAY) continue to keep their hefty salaries, free transportation, golden parachutes and lucrative pensions, lavish lifestyles and best health care on the planet AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE. If you do not see that we have come to an historical crossroads that will finally make or break or future as a country and as a people you young people are in for a very ugly future. When the next election comes, DO NOT CAST ANY VOTES FOR ANY INCUMBENT FROM ANY PARTY...We can fire all of them. It is a message that MUST be sent. We, the people are supposed to be in control of our Government, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. The strongest message any employer can give to an employee that they are dissatisfied with their work is to dismiss them. If you have an employee lie to you, steal from you, be unable to compromise and get along with other employees, what do you do? Dismiss them and find someone else who may or may not be able to do a better never know until you do any case, you MUST remove the source of the problem or the problem will never be resolved. FIRE THEM ALL AND FLUSH THIS DIRTY TOILET IN WASHINGTON AND START FRESH....We are getting NOTHING done doesn't matter which party you is the only way to shake the Capitol to the bone and break the cycle of greed, lies, incompetent and outright criminal budget management and corruption. We will never be able to completely remove those negative aspects of Government completely....but we CAN take the Government out of the CONTROL of those self-serving, greedy, power-hungry idiots once and for all.....but ONLY if we stand for once united in one basic common goal above all other issues..FIRE ALL OF THEM.

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PostWed Jul 27 15:34:46 2011
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