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Flight Tales

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Post subject: Flight Tales Reply with quote
This could be an interesting thread given the various experiences we all have.

Here's my first tale.

I was working at LCI - Laconia Municipal Airport, my pumping gas days. Being a municipal airport and an uncontrolled airport, the Airport authority would bid out airport management to one of the FBO's at the airport. This year happened to be ours.

I was manning the Unicom, you'd answer calls for weather conditions - wind speed, direction, cloud cover all that. And pilots would call in their various positions.

So one day I'm kicking back and I hear this female pilot that I knew was a student call her position in the landing pattern. Downwind, base, final.

Then she says. "Laconia Unicom - Cessna 517 off the runway. real calm, even voice. I'm thinking - so what? You'd sometimes get pilots say "clear 26 right" meaning they turned off runway 26 to the right side.

But something was irking in the back of my mind, I roll my chair back and look out the window. All I see is the tail of the aircraft straight up in the air. OH S#$%! grab a portable radio as I run out to my car to drive out to the runway.

Apparently this student was in on final, started ballooning, then porpoising down the runway - but never added power to smooth her flight path out. She landed - nose gear broke and off she went.
PostFri Sep 10 22:20:57 2004
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Post subject: Reply with quote
Flight Tales:

Here is one that you may enjoy...

This is when I was doing volunteer work at an Air Museum, that shall remain nameless to protect the not so innnocent...

Well it was the weekend prior to a major airshow... A P-47 had flown in and was getting 'tweaked' for its upcoming perfomance the following weekend...

The cowling was removed and the engine was undergoing some fine tuning. She was half in and half out the of the hangar with one of the wheel chalked, though she did look lashed down. I had seen her fly over, land and taxi (damn big bird for a warbird!) so I wasnt to curious about what was happening with the tuneup...

I went back into the main hangar to the snack area to sitdown for lunch. We had a radio tuned to the tower operations so we could hear when they took the birds up for practice or for a quick hop for a Museum visitor...

Well I was half way though a ham sandwich when I hear the tower radio boom out... "P-47 (lets call her November Alpha) .. State your intentions!" I gawked at the radio (I knew that she wasnt going to be taxied or tested until the next day and the owner was not the type to allow anyone to fly her when he wasnt there and he was in the room with me!). We didnt know what to think, we jumped up and ran out to the tarmac to see what the hell was going on...

Well it turns out the damn Jug wasnt lashed down like I originally thought it was and rolled over the one chalk that was partially in place and had taxied out to the runway with no one at the controls, she was taxing around in an eliptical circle all by herself!

Evidently the tech had just advanced the throttle, and had just climbed down, when she jumped the chalk and was running after her across the damn airfiield! What a sight! Finally getting aboard and killing her short trip! And eveytime we see the tech, we ask hows the 'Jug's' doin?(you see the tech is a she not a he!)

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PostFri Sep 10 23:01:16 2004
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